ADSL South Africa is here to give you options. Shopping for broadband Internet services in South Africa can be a minefield, but we assist in simplifying this for you…


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The Main Factors To Consider When Getting ADSL



Kindly Note: ADSL only works with post-paid telephone lines.

We started out in January 2006 as ADSL South Africa and are still ADSL South Africa but…

The point we want to make is that we won’t blame anyone for also referring to us as Broadband South Africa at this stage, because what started out as a narrowly focused review website of ADSL Broadband in South Africa, has development into a website focusing on broadband Internet in its totality. Broadband Internet from a South African perspective of course…

Why do you stick with the ‘ADSL South Africa’ name then?

Firstly, we stick with the ‘ADSL South Africa’ name since problems associated with ADSL Broadband in regards to installation time, pricing, et cetera led us to take initiative in the first place. The ADSL South Africa website would never have seen first light if it were not for all the problems experienced with ADSL Broadband in South Africa. While things are still not ‘OK’ in regard to ADSL Broadband in South Africa we’ve definitely made some progress.

Secondly, it makes sense to stick with the ‘ADSL South Africa’ name since a lot of hard work already went into the marketing of this name. We feel that the name already brought a message of hope to thousands of embattled ADSL and other broadband users in South Africa, and still does every passing day…

Why the adoption of a broader focus then?

We feel that we can bring more and better options to the table by not focusing only on a certain aspect of broadband Internet. So whether its mobile broadband internet or any other, you can find it here. Call it the power of alternatives…

In other words, we intend to bring you a full package when it comes to Internet access in South Africa. A one stop service.

We’re getting there slowly but surely…

Are you sick of waiting for sites to load on your dial up connection? Are you tired of paying exorbitant fees on your fixed ADSL lines? Are you battling to even get a line because of long waiting lists? How about the crazy phone bills? They have super cheap telecoms overseas, why must it be expensive here in South Africa??

I have tried to get internet. I have tried to organise the installation of several phone lines. This is the kind of rubbish I have to ask myself every time I try. And believe me, somewhere along the line, I asked every one of those questions above.

Those are a few of the many complaints South Africans have when trying to make a call or get on the internet. Without all the technical jumbo, we just want to get email, do our internet banking and download maybe a song or two. We want to get it fast. We don’t want hassle or delay. And that is exactly what we can expect when we try to get hold of a phone line or net connection. As well as a fat bill. The Average Joe like you and me are being squeezed out of every telecommunications cent we can afford, and I don’t like it. Which is why this site is here. It show you what options are available:

  • How to get a fast internet connection within 48 hours. Not in 2 months.

  • How the IT Support Cape Town offers has been difficult to deal with due to Telkom.
  • How to get a connection without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • How you can save money on lots of other things with your ADSL Broadband or an alternative broadband connection.

  • How to phone the US for 20c a minute. You think I’m joking?

  • How to phone other international countries for similar cheap rates.

  • How to video conference for free…

  • How to get the best internet connection at the lowest cost.

  • How to understand all the technical mumbo jumbo.

  • How to make sure you don’t get ripped off…

If you can add anything to this list, or to this site, make sure you help the rest of your country out and send it to us by making use of our secure online contact form.

Some ISPS are good, and some are really terrible. But read the rest of this page first and then click the link to have a look at the options you’ve got. Some are pricey. Some take forever to arrive. Some are magic. But get some quick background first:

Introduction to ADSL or ADSL Broadband

ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line ) or ADSL Broadband is a technology which provides broadband internet connections on existing copper telephone subscriber lines. This is a relatively new technology aimed to enhance the data transfer capacity of existing subscriber telephone lines within their own limitations. ADSL utilises spread-spectrum technology on copper lines in order to achieve these higher bandwidths.

Save in money. Spend in currency.

Also available are broadband connections utilising wireless technologies. These technologies also adopt spread-spectrum technology in order to achieve broadband connections, but these technologies are not ADSL technologies at all. These technologies are highly sophisticated spread spectrum radio frequency technologies, and these MUST not be confused with ADSL as they are not the same thing.

They should, however provide the same result in theory.

Want to subscribe to an ADSL Broadband service?

When considering to subscribe to ADSL Broadband the traditional way, you have to look at both the line, and the ADSL Broadband Provider, to get you connected. One common error people make is that they think they only have to pay for the Telkom line – and then are surprised that they have to fork out extra for the ADSL Broadband Provider.

Telkom for one does both, but Telkom’s ADSL Broadband Provider, Telkom Internet, is overpriced and not worth the bother. When they try to sell you the ADSL Broadband package along with the line, DON’T DO IT. You WILL be ripped off.

The alternative way or new way of subscribing to an ADSL service is much easier. Be sure to visit our One Price ADSL page for more details.

Telkom is no longer calling all the shots…

There are currently more than one way of getting a broadband Internet connection in South Africa.

You have a choice between Wired and Wireless Broadband Internet solutions. Both wireless and wired internet solutions have their good and bad points, and often I find that many businesses and individuals have adopted wireless solutions as their primary broadband source, simply because of reliability and service problems experienced by Telkom.

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